Come to Walt’s Auto Inc. for Used Auto and Truck Parts

img_home1When you need used vehicle parts, Walt’s Auto Inc. is the place to turn!  Our company sells locally, and ships nationwide.  We routinely update our business practices and our recycling facility to ensure our clients always receive high-quality service.  We utilize an up-to-date computerized inventory system that provides fast, reliable information, locating parts in a matter of minutes.

Our facility is a total of 20,000 square feet and encompasses the office, sales, dismantling showroom, stockroom, and warehouse areas. The lot covers 28 acres of land in Springfield, Ohio.

When it comes to dismantling our vehicles, we make sure to examine each part to check for operational viability.  The re-usable parts are then brought to the warehouse and inserted into our inventory system.  All parts are sold with a guarantee and majority are sold with a 90 day warranty.

Family owned and operated, Walt’s Auto Inc. remains in the same qualified hands as it always has.  We have almost 55 years experience in the salvage industry and can provide quality used auto and truck parts no matter what make or model of your vehicle. In addition, we sell re-buildable vehicles along with used cars. Our recycling efforts save you money and provide less waste in landfills, which is beneficial for the earth today.

Eden in-house computer

Hollander computer system

Nationwide computerized locating system

A 2-car carrier

A 4-car carrier

4 delivery trucks

2 large forklifts

1 crusher

Additional equipment and tools

Walt's Auto Inc. provides a 90-day warranty on the majority of parts that we sell to customers.
We accept major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Constantly Updating Our Abilities to Better Serve Our Clients

We keep making improvements to better serve our customers.  Today, Walt’s Auto Inc. is a modern recycling facility.  Our computerized inventory system gives fast, accurate answers and can locate parts within minutes.  Our 20,000 square-foot building houses a showroom, warehouse, and dismantling area.  We are also highly active within our industry, which keeps us up to date with the latest innovations and information that pertain to our business.

Our Service Area


We deliver parts customers within a 100-mile radius of our facility. Delivery in this area includes retail customers on top of our wholesale customers such as dealerships of both used and new vehicles, body shops, and service shops. In addition, we ship throughout the U.S. by UPS or carrier lines.

Come check out our facilities at 3551 Springfield-Xenia Road in Springfield, Ohio to learn for on your own what we have to offer. Have a question, but cannot travel to the shop? Just call us at either 1-800-325-7564 or 937-323-2558. We will provide whatever answers you need, or you can order the part or parts you require! Our staff members are always courteous and informative.

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